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Trust Mark

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Building Direct Trade Partnerships
Producing Handcrafted Quality Coffee
Intentionally Caring For Coffee Farmers
Involved In Coffee Farming Communities

We take every step in our coffee’s journey seriously, from selective harvesting to hand picking to the time-sensitive process of exporting. We work as hard as we can to implement practices that will improve our coffee’s quality, even if it’s just by half a point on the cupping table.

Beyond our coffee’s quality, we care for the people who grow the beans you love. We live in Burundi as a family so that we can keep our feet on the soil as we work to implement creative and sustainable farmer care projects. These projects are close to our hearts because the people are too. We have no desire to produce nameless or faceless coffee. The whole heart of our project lies in knowing the story of our coffee growers. We know our people and they know us. That’s a valuable component of our lives here in Burundi and it’s also the ethos of our business.

As coffee producers, we believe in long-term collaborations with coffee roasters who approach their coffee sourcing with care. If you see our trust mark, then you are buying coffee from a roaster who intentionally approaches their coffee sourcing relationships. These roasters are a very forward-thinking bunch. They collaborate with us as we all journey to improve the livelihoods of coffee growers and enhance the quality of coffee in Burundi. These roasters value relationships and invest time and resources into knowing the people who grow the coffee they serve. The roasters who partner with us are the superheroes of the coffee world; at least that’s what we tell our two boys.

To us, direct trade has a very personal meaning. We believe in the importance of knowing every farmer and their families so that we can better understand their needs and the needs of the communities they live in. We are working in one of the poorest countries on the planet, so it’s necessary to us that we think about how to ensure the livelihoods of our growers, protect the environment they live in and esteem their value as people. This care has a direct impact on the quality of the coffee we produce. Our trust marked coffee must typify the very best that Africa has to offer and also stand for our core values as producers.