Uprooted: Our Burundi Exit

Our exit from Burundi was like molasses falling steady from a spoon, sticky and slow. Lifting ourselves from the land was a process full of attempts to stay. After several years of struggling to call Burundi “home,” now I couldn’t Read More …

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Showing the world what Burundi has to offer.

Burundi coffee is the Cinderella of the coffee world: hidden, misused, misunderstood, and neglected. Since the Belgians first started planting coffee in Burundi in the 1960’s, producers have used this landlocked African country only to produce commodity coffee. That means Read More …


Want some beans? Are some near you?

To us, direct trade has a very personal meaning. We feel it should embody elements of risk and forward thinking as well as relationship. It’s a conversation between roaster and grower about quality, craft and the possibilities that lie in the Read More …