When you partner with the Long Miles Coffee Project, you’re helping us to provide employment, clean water, better education, better technical skill building, orphan care, AND food security for an entire community. But most of all, you’re offering our farmers and partners the transforming power of hope. Hope founded this dream, and, with your help, hope will keep the dream progressing forward. Up the hope.

Our current projects that we are working on are:

Coffee Scouts and the Farmer Friends initiative. 2017 partnership on this is supplied by Double Shot in the Czech Republic.

Clean water project, Heza Washing station.  After three years of battling to have enough water at our award winning Heza Washing Station we finally have found a way! This milestone was only achievable with the help of one of our Partner Roasters, Stone Creek Coffee, and with the water expertise of our friends at Think East Africa and one of their supporters and roaster of LMC Full City Rooster.

Please email Lauren, our Innovation and Development Manager, about opportunities to partner in one of our community impacting projects.